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    Environmental commodities take the form of non-tangible energy credits or EACs (Energy Attribute Certificates). To date, such credits take many forms, each meeting a specific need in regulated or voluntary markets, such as carbon offset credits, clean energy certificates (CELs), renewable energy certificates (RECs), international renewable energy certificates (IRECs), Guarantees of Origin (GoOs) and more.


    • RECs/I-RECs/TIGR

      Renewable Energy Certificates are instruments that certify 1 MWh of electricity generated from a renewable generator.

      The REC can be sold just like any other commodity on the open market, for example, as a carbon credit to offset their scope 2 emissions.

      The politics and prices of each REC varies depending on the country.

    • CELs

      Clean Energy Certificates are certificates issued by the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission that validate the production of 1 MWh of clean energy in national territory.

    • GOs

      Guarantee of Origin is the EAC established in Europe to ensure the traceability of "green" energy produced by certain producers.

    • Renewables and CHP Register

      It's a web based system used to manage several schemes. Ammper works with Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and the Renewables Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO). These two are proof of renewable energy supplied to a consumer (1MWh/Certificate) in the UK.

    • Carbon Credits

      A tradable Certificate or permit that refers to a reduction of Greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide which is used to compensate a carbon footprint elsewhere. The carbon credits are validated by several certifications that determine if a certain project has indeed, reduced a greenhouse gas emission.